Monday, December 13, 2010

Seraph's Knives

After my Tai-Chi class I went over to Ray's so I could have a visual reference to work on the design for Seraph's Elven Fighting Knives.

This is the preliminary version of the knives, I need to extend the blade length but so far I'm pretty pleased with its progress. The extended blue line is the length that I plan on making them. Once I have them fleshed out properly I plan on doing a colored version of both blades. Since one blade is black and the other is ivory white with a silver elven leaf pattern. Not sure if I will change the leave pattern design yet but we'll see.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Out of the Darkness WIP

I must say I love my rogue in my Pathfinder game so very much. It has been my first experience with playing this class of character and it has been beyond fun. This is a sketch I started at the gaming table, this past saturday.

Meet Seraph Morninglight, this is still a work in progress because I have to do a little more research for her blades and have to make the top of her outfit look right since there are things I still do not like. I have a few ideas of what I wish to do with the background but I have to make sure I have her settled out first. I think her hands still need a little work yet but they are starting to shape up. I think I may also change the leather skirt design but we'll see. The basic form is here it will just be the adjustments.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long time no see

Well here's a character that I haven't drawn up in years and just had the urge to draw her up.

I am sure there are those that will remember her and they know who they are ;) It is the return of the infamous Kellendraysia, or simply Kell for short. I gave her a slight redesign and I'm pleased with it. This another image to stack up on the inking and color drawing board so to speak. I might end up giving this image a background as well if I can figure one out.