Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carving it up!

Well finally got a chance to take a picture of the wood block that I have started to carve, well this one is a linoleum block, something that Liz had suggested to try being new to block printing since the linoleum is softer and easier to carve. I wanted to take a picture of of it before I carved out too much of it so I could keep track of it as work in progress. I think it will be fun.

Little did I realize when I drew up this little darling sitting in Liz's basement and learning about the carving chisels and getting all sorts of good tips on the dos and don'ts of putting a sharp object to soft surface to make art, that I subconsciously chose cherries for a reason. Liz suggested that I put something in the little rattie's hands and I decided that I wanted to make the rat white so the cherries would stand out. Low and behold after I got home and thought about it I drew up a representation of a rat that I used to own named Sakura who was a dumbo albino rex, who's name means Cherry Blossom. So if it doesn't seem like it will be too hard I will add in cherry blossoms into the corners of the block to go along with the cherries she is sneaking away with.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exalted equals Art

Well I just just joined an Exalted game and it has inspired me to do art. I have the sketch started of my character Kovuu's Anima Banner. The winged serpent is the beginning design for the banner the small 'fluffy' looking serpent near the bottom is the spirits that reside inside of his whips. So I guess we'll see what happens.