Friday, May 28, 2010

Freely Creative Fridays: Starfall

I thought that Fuzziekit's Freely Creative Fridays sounded like a fun idea and while at work an image popped to mind. So I whipped up a sketch here. Took about 30-40 minutes from start to messy finish, I think I may refine it later.

A Gift from Koa

Starfeather looked up at the dark heavens, the youth lost and alone along with the remainder of his people, taken so harshly away. Pale eyes looked upon the myriad colors sprinkled among the stars when there was a great rippling twinkle. Rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand Starfeather cocked his head sending soft short locks swaying as ears twitched. Then again there was another rippling twinkle as a star seemed to dislodge its place from the sea of twinkling lights above. It fell rapidly at first which caused the youth to take a few tentative steps back before it slowed then stopped to hover before him. The bright form shifted and rippled with the colors of the heavens as it gave off a soft warm glow. Slowly Starfeather held out his hands and the star hovered above them.

"A gift for the young Chieftain," the star seemed to say without speech, in a voice full of strength and warmth. "May it fill you with hope."
It was then that Starfeather realized that he was blessed with a gift from the great Koa and that Koa was watching over him and his tribe.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Do! List

Well I had an idea while in the shower... I seem to usually have lots of ideas crop up in the shower..anyway I have made myself an art To Do! List. That I have printed out to hang on my door in my room right in visual range to be used as a reminder. I also figured I would post it here so that others can see what is on the list.

To Do! List

* Finish Blog header - Will make me Happy!
* Finish Dancing Felina - Will make Lisa Happy!
* Finish Miranda - Will make Tim Happy! ;)
* Finish wood block carving
* Finish off design of the Anima Banner for the Exalted game
* Draw up a new picture of Kel and possible forms of Kel
* Work on Mourn-ful Valentine Character Designs

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ever have an idea that just hits you...

...and you just have to get it down on paper. Well that is what just happened to me and within an hour I had found a reference pic that I needed in stock, and found the character reference I needed in a friend's gallery and within a half an hour of sketchy-ness I came up with this. An elegant and lovely sketch of a dancing cat girl named Felina, who belongs to my friend Lisa.
She is a lovely chocolate Siamese with dark auburn hair so I am thinking maybe a dark green, a nice rich purple or maybe even a blue dress. Though if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to throw them at me.