Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birdfin - Body Flats

I figured I would post this before I went to bed. Here is the lovely Birdfin with her first layer of flats before I try on drawing up the background that is needed for the picture. Her base grey may still be a little to light so I may have to adjust it before I start the shading since she is coal black.

Birdfin - Inked

Well here is the inked version of Birdfin, to replace the 'boxer sketch' that everyone had to point out to me on facebook. I'm quite pleased with the way that this turned out I will have a couple tiny line corrections to do in photoshop when I start to color but other then that I think it came out well.

I should be able to start dropping flat colors into this sketch possibly tonight even, as well as starting the work on the background. All of which I will be drawing in digitally. So hopefully it will turn out well.

Sketch Complete - Readying to Ink

Well I have completed the sketch of Birdfin, given the time two days ago now and I just took a picture last evening and forgot to post it. Now it is quarter after three in the morning and I have yet to pass out If figured I might as well post it.

I really like how it turned out and it will need a few tiny adjustments but that shouldn't be too bad. As you can see I love large fluffy wings. I have done a little bit of research for the background. I have found a few references I like.